Healthy “Cookies” – An Experiment

One of the blogs I read frequently had a recipe a while back for “cookies”, with only two base ingredients: bananas and oats. This sounded pretty great to me since I like to eat healthy whenever possible and enjoy both bananas and oats. I had them earmarked to make for quite a while, and never got around to it until today.

I bought some bananas with the intent of letting them go slightly bad since it called for “very ripe” bananas (like banana bread often does). I mashed my two bananas with my cup of oats, added some old chocolate chips to get rid of the bag, and put them in at 350 for 15 minutes.

I took them out, eager to try and see if I could really replace cookies with something so simple and good for me. I took a bite, promptly burned myself, and concluded… this tastes like warm mushed bananas with oats and some chocolate.

That’s not to say they aren’t yummy, that’s not to say I won’t eat the rest or make them again. But I’m not sure I’d label them cookies.



Original recipe here: